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The wine bunch

Your Job, making great wine.
Ours, protecting and making it unforgettable.

Encouraged by the experience of great international winemakers, Guala Closures has developed a wide range of unrivalled closures exclusively for wine: the classic Divinum® and the new WAK®, have been designed utilizing the most recent technological advancements to ensure sealing integrity, high speed reliability and decorative excitement.

Guala Closures the certain leader in the closure business worldwide, producing more than 8-billion aluminum closures a year for the most demanding customers on the Planet.

Guala Closures Group
Global Cap, wine closure

3nd Edition of the Technical and Cultural Meetings

Within the framework of the international competition

Chardonnay du monde 2010

Guala closure Group organizes:

The third edition of the technical
and cultural meetings

Thursday March 11, 2010

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