Chardonnay du Monde® 2016

The 23th annual Chardonnay du Monde® competition will take place from 8 to 11 March 2016 at Château des Ravatys, the wine estate of the Pasteur Institute at Saint Lager in the Burgundy wine region of France.

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The Chardonnay du Monde results

The 2015 results are available.

> Results 2015

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Top 10* Best chardonnay du Monde® 2015
Gold medals
Country Product Winery

South Africa
Groot Constantia Chardonnay 2013 Groot Constantia Wine Estate

DB Reserve Chardonnay 2013 De Bortoli Wines

Genève AOC - Chardonnay de Peissy - Elevé en fût de Chêne 2012 Cave Les Perrières

Casa Valduga Leopoldina Gran Chardonnay Do Vale dos Vinhedos 2013 Casa Valduga Vinhos Finos Ltda

Champagne Bertrand-Lapie Millésimé Brut 2009 Earl Bertrand-Lapie

VMQ Duc de Raybaud Chardonnay Blanc de Blancs Brut Les vins Breban

Royal de Maria Canada's Icewine Specialits - Winter Harvest Chardonnay 2007 Royal de Maria Wines

Bourgogne Hautes-Côtes de Beaune - Clos de la Chaise Dieu - Monopole - Château de Santenay 2012 Château de Santenay

Côtes de Gascogne IGP - Family Réserve Domaine de Pellehaut 2012 Scv Beraut

Côtes de Gascogne IGP - Domaine du Tariquet 2014 Scv Château du Tariquet

Pays d'Oc IGP - Jean Claude Mas "Le Coteau" Chardonnay 2014 Les Domaines Paul Mas

Nyakas Pince Budai Chardonnay 2014 Nyakas Pince Zrt

Pays d'Oc IGP - Maison du Sud Chardonnay 2014 Jeanjean Sa
* Some wines are rigorously equal thus the TOP 10 2015 includes 13 wines.

Chardonnay du Monde

This event is unique in terms of its scope, its method and therefore its ambition:

International in scope:

  • More than 35 countries.
  • More than 900 wine samples.
  • More than 300 international expert judges, including 55% from outside France.

A strict method:

  • Compliance with international wine competition rules and strict application of the ISO 9002 Quality Assurance standard.
  • Guaranteed implementation of scoring criteria for international competitions.
  • Rigorous selection of the panel of expert judges.
  • Training in tasting methodology at the Institut Paul Bocuse, with individual assessment of each taster.
  • Faultless, quality-driven organisation: limitation of the number of wines per jury and ideal tasting conditions (sensory isolation, proper tasting rhythm, etc.)
  • Secure computer processing of results by the Services Actions Qualité company.


  • To award reliable and thus representative medals each year, reflecting the founding motto of Chardonnay du Monde®: diversity, quality and high standards.

Chardonnay du Monde - has the approval and the services of the DGCCRF French Estate Ministry of Economy, Finances and Industry. (21rd january 1997)

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Chardonnay du Monde is an oganisation of the association Forum Oenologie
Forum Œnologie also organizes:
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  • 826 wine samples from 41 countries were tasted. The judges tasted in accordance with the International rules, and they strictly followed Quality Assurance procedures.

  • 50 percent of the judges were from outside France.
    After four days of judging, the panels awarded medals to 275, or 1/3 of the 826 wines entered. The distribution of medals is as follows:

  • Medal Distribution
    • Gold Medals: 56
    • Silver Medals: 196
    • Bronze Medals: 23

    All the results by countries and by Medals

  • Not long ago, you were awarded one or several medals at the 2014 edition of the Chardonnay du Monde wine competition.

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Chardonnay du Monde Aromas®

Typical aromas of grape varieties. Avenir Oenologie Collection.

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