Rules Concerning Wines

  • All countries and all French regions
  • Wines produced exclusively from Chardonnay grapes
  • At least 1000 litres of the wine should have been produced.
  • Samples must be presented in glass bottles from 375 ml to 1000 ml in volume.
  • Labelling should be in conformity with EU regulations, with mention made of the following:
    - Geographical origin
    - Vintage year
    - Identification of the bottler.
  • Each sample set should consist of the following :
    - A description of the growing and winemaking conditions (soil type, climate, harvesting conditions, winemaking practices, ageing).
    - An analytical report established at the time of bottling by an official laboratory in the wine's country of origin.
    - Two labels.
    - Six bottles of the wine.

Rules Concerning Tasters

  • Judges: persons with proven competence in sensory analysis and a good knowledge of Chardonnay wines.
  • Their level of competence is verified by prior attendance at an evaluation session.
    The qualification of the tasters are verified systematically.
  • panel of judges is composed of qualified persons.

Rules Concerning the Tasting

  • The tasting is conducted blind
  • In conformity with the international Wine Competition Standard.
  • The number of samples is limited to 20 per panel.
  • Optical and automatic data processing of tasting sheet.

Rules Concerning the Medals

Rules Concerning the Contest

  • Contest held under the auspices of SAQ.

Other Rules

  • Official languages: French and English
  • Documents are available in : French, English.
  • Application of the International Wine Competition standard.
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