2007 The Sparkling Chardonnay wine are now tasting in a news glass INAO Fleur d'effervescence®. This new glass is able to garanti an optimal tasting of sparkling wine and an ideal expression of foam and effervescence.
Experts who want working with this glass can already order it.

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2006 Since its creation the international competition Chardonnay du Monde never stop increasing. For its 13rd edition: 936 samples representing 37 countries were tasted.
2003 Chardonnay du Monde® celebrated its 10th anniversary by releasing a box set of 12 typical Chardonnay du Monde aromas to go with Jean Lenoir's Nez du Vin. Bilingual edition: French - English.
To mark this anniversary, car collectors from Switzerland and the Savoy region of France met on Sunday 16 March at the Château des Ravatys, where they received a warm greeting from the Chardonnay-producing countries and regions that were present at the event.
2002 Chardonnay du Monde® promoted the publication of Jean-Claude Buffin's book "Educ'Vin® - Developing Your Skills as a Wine Taster" - Published in French and in English.

Chardonnay of The World becomes now a unique opportunity of meeting first between the expert-jurors and also for the world of the jobs of the vine and the wine and their communication environment.

The Station Oenotechnique de Champagne, took the initiative to create the colloquium actual knowlegdement of the vinification of the chardonnay, animated by the Profesor Feuillat. Other activities like visits of companies : Tonnellerie Dargaud &Jeagle and cultural sites : le Vigneroscope were also organized.


In order to follow the procedure ISO 9002, Chardonnay of the World decides to save witness samples of the wine presented during 5 years at least.

The society Service Action Quality (SAQ) is expert in the control of this follow-through.
In the environment of the the signs delivered by Chardonnay of the World, SAQ will follow up the control of the good application of the quality signs distributed and in case of problem will take all the necessary dispositions to save the image of Chardonnay of the World and all this, for all the countries.


Further continuation of the ISO 9002 quality approach :

  • Presentation of the thesis work conducted on the peptides of Chardonnay at the Jules Guyot Institute in Dijon.
  • Recognition of the training programme on Wine Service at International Competitions offered by the Paul Bocuse Institut of Écully.
  • Unveiling of the competition's own Web site,, created in collaboration with OENOPLURIMEDIA.

As part of its ISO 9002 quality programme, Chardonnay du Monde decides to keep all of the wine samples presented for competition. SAQ is given the job of storing and keeping track of the samples.

  • Chardonnay du Monde enters into several partnerships:
    - With DHL, official transporter for Chardonnay du Monde
  • Chardonnay du Monde at Château des Ravatys from 19 to 21 March 1998.
    Forum Oenologie, a non-profit organisation, organises the event and assists in the training of Expert Judges for Chardonnay du Monde

Chardonnay du Monde (21 January) receives official approval from the DGCCRF, France’s consumer and competition authority, and as a result is authorised to award marks of quality:

  • All new tasters are required to attend a training session for qualification as Expert Judges for Chardonnay du Monde. These sessions are conducted at the Culinary Arts and Hotel School in the Château du Vivier at Écully (near Lyon).
  • Chardonnay du Monde entrusts Services Actions Qualité (SAQ) with the responsibility of :
    - Analysing the tasting sheets by computer
    - Designating and distributing the marks of quality.
  • Chardonnay du Monde enters into a partnership with the students of the Paul Bocuse Institut, giving them responsibility for wine service during the competition.
  • Chardonnay du Monde at the Château des Ravatys from 13 to 15 March 1997.The number of Chardonnay producers in the world passes the 10,000 mark.

Chardonnay du Monde is again held at the Château des Ravatys, with presentation of the following collections :

  • The most beautiful Chardonnay bottles.
  • Chardonnay labels from all over the world.

Chardonnay du Monde initiates an ISO 9002 quality programme and adopts qualitative rules never before used in qualitative wine competitions. 


Chardonnay du Monde comes to the Château des Ravatys, the wine estate of the Pasteur Institute at St. Lager in the Beaujolais region.

  • Computerised analysis of the results from the tasting sheets.
  • 11 July - Chardonnay du Monde receives official approval from the Office International de la vigne et du vin (OIV). Only 9 wine competitions in the world have received such recognition.
  • Chardonnay du monde - in partnership with the Jules Guyot Institute at the University of Burgundy, Professors Michel Feuillat and Claudine Charpentier - joins the Burgundy region in financially supporting a post-graduate thesis on the identification of peptides in Chardonnay. 
1994 Chardonnay du Monde takes place at the Château de Pierreclos in France's Mâcon region, as part of a day of discovery on the history and origins of Chardonnay.
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